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Hi, I'm Joan. I like drawing things that are of the following: colorful, girls, and cute things. I also draw comics every now and then, as well as experiment with other mediums (animation, jewelry making, doll making, etc etc). ^_^

Anyway, this deviantart account has been spanning my artwork since 2005(ish), so if you go through my gallery you'll see the progression of how my drawing style has developed. :)

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Greetings from the hiatus!

It's been awhile since I've updated my deviantart journal. There's a number of things going on, but hey that's life. It could be better, it could be worse. Just going with the flow and hoping things doesn't get worse.

So lets get down to buisness... (to defeat the huns!
Art wise, I'm fairly productive. In January I came up with some art related goals for 2017. It took one month to not completely follow it, sooo it's more of an art goal/guideline for the year. If you are ever wanting to make your own goals for art, you can look at my 2017 "art goals":

GOAL work on 10 projects a month (haha, I'm doing good if I get to 5)
note: each goal cannot buddy up with another goal. Example: drawing a realistic commission can only cover realism or commission.
2 Images for AI
2 Chibis (Project in mind for upcoming conventions)
1 commission (Cuz they pile up after awhile and I want them done)
1 long term project
I realism picture
1 for fun art (Like fanart)
1 speed paint (2 hours for practice)
1 watercolor painting

Right now the goals don't really show on my DA account, but that's because I'm working on some longer term projects right now, plus some commissions. I'll post them on DA when I get the time to take a picture of them, or if I feel they are DA worthy. ^^; 

Also I've been having some computer issues. I finally took my computer in to get someone knowledgeable to fix the "configuring windows update" loop of doom. Indeed they fixed it (at no cost! woo!) but the bad news is my harddrive is failing. D: Which is actually okay because I do have a backup computer...the problem is my tablet is 10 years old and wacom decided to not update drivers for it to work on a Win 10 computer. So FFFFFFFF...... Gotta start saving up for a tablet for the backup.  I do have money saved up already, but thats for art buisness related things (making prints, etc), not a tablet. For now I'll make do with what I got. :/

So now an update on Mom.  If you do not want to read about cancer treatment/emotional roller coasters, please do not continue reading! You have been warned....

I've learned more about cancer than I've EVER wanted to know... *sigh*

Things have changed drastically since my post in December. Mom had a PET scan in January to see if the cancer had spread to any organ or other places in the body. Fortunately it had not spread, except to nearby lymph nodes in her armpit, so it was classified as Stage 3. The current treatment plan is chemotherapy to shrink the tumor, then surgery (mastectomy, due to size of the tumor), and then radiation.  For a while Mom was against Chemotherapy for a treatment option, but the tumor started to increase in size faster.... which helped change her mind (along with an unpleasant call from her Oncologist).  She's on chemo cycle of once every 3 weeks, for 12 four treatments total.

The first treatment (towards the end of January) was a little more traumatizing to both mom and I. Before a cancer patient receives chemo drugs via IV, they have to take an antihistamine (Benedryl) so they do not have an allergic reaction to the Chemo drugs.  The nurses didn't give us a warning of the side effects of Benedryl, prior to administering it...and mom had a bad reaction the the Benedryl (wide awake instead of sleepy, painful cramps in the legs, etc). It was very hard to see a loved one in pain and being powerless to do anything about it. :(  Other than that getting the Chemo drugs wasn't all that bad. Mom did deal with some nausea for a couple days, but she still went to work with me, and then rested on the weekend.

Two weeks later, her hair started to fall out. For the first two days, I joked that maybe I was so bad as a child that she's pulling her hair out. Yeah it was a bad joke, but we both laughed at it. XD After about five days, her hair was 97% gone. Losing her hair has been pretty hard. While looking at herself in a mirror she exclaimed "I look like a plucked chicken!", and then burst into tears. Yeah that wasn't a very good day. :( Mom wears a kerchief when she goes to work or church, instead of the suggested wigs. I think they actually help cheer her up some, especially the colorful ones. :)

On the brightside, after that first treatment, her tumor did start to shrink noticeably. Which actually surprised her Oncologist when she went in for treatment number two. Her bloodwork showed her platelets (red blood cells, white blood cells, etc) are really low. The doctor suggested that if she feels too tired to do much of anything that she may need a blood transfusion (to at least continue working).

The second treatment went a little better, but had it's own hiccups. Mom wanted to try getting a half dose of Benedryl since she reacted so poorly to it the first time. The doctor agreed to have it halved, and diluted with a bag of saline to give it more time to get in her system. She didn't have a bad reaction like she did the first time. The kicker is.... that when she got hooked up to the first chemo drug, her face turned a bright red...a tell tale sign she was having an allergic reaction to the chemo. The nurses took her off of it right away, cleared the IV line, and gave mom some time to recover. Soooo, mom got her second half of Benedryl, but instead of IV, she got it via an oral capsule (less side effects) which seemed to do the trick when she was hooked back up to receive Chemo.

So yeah, thats how my life has been. Wow, it actually feels good to type it out. Sorry for unloading all at once. ^^;;;

Thats all I got for now. I'll keep your guys posted as to what happens next/any upcoming art projects!

Till then, stay healthy and happy guyz and gals!

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